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to those of us that pay our bills, informing us that 26 will jeopardize, if passed, our solar in san francisco, since we are supposed to be a green city. i'm just asking -- will you please consider that, and let people know and understand? people who do not attend these meetings do not know about services you provide other than challenging us for the sewage, and i would like to say that, too, while i'm on it. i have been back in my home a year, will be, on the 28 of september, and i would like to say i have been receiving my pg&e bill, and my electricity has been less than $4 a month, and this is because of the solar. people listening in the audience because they see me all the time, and i let them know that i am your ambassador, and i am requesting that everyone get solar because the benefits -- it benefits not only the applicants, but as well as our breathing, our health, and i know we had a concern about those smart meters. there were people at those hearings, and i am afraid, and a lot of people are as well but are getting sick on those smart meters. please get the information on
't quote the language that i'm going to propose. in the future the city may decide to use this space that will require the removal of the courts and the donor agrees to remove the courts and restore the lawn to its original condition at its own expense if that should be the case. additional language states that the department of rec and parks is authorized to accept the gifts on behalf of the city on condition that the donor will remove the courts and restore the lawn to its original condition at its own expense if in the future the city decides to use the space in a different manner. there have been a number of meetings between the rec and park department and a variety of neighborhood leaders to talk about the possibility of other uses. from my perspective, i certainly support this bocce ball area, but if it turns out in the future after a good planning process that there are other things that we ought to do, i and my colleagues are very open to that. so with that, i know we have a representative from rec and park to talk a little bit more broadly about that i just wanted to frame t
is the t.d.r. scheme worked because we were telling owners of buildings that they couldn't use the development potential of their site, they had to keep the building that was there, but as "compensation," they could sell their unused development potential. we're very concerned that requiring those proceeds to be used for maintenance undercuts the rationale for the t.d.r. scheme and i think will inhibit the continued workability of the t.d.r. scheme. that provision is not needed to take care of st. mary's, though the preservation mandate applies to those 450 buildings that were protected by the downtown plan. obviously, that goes far beyond what is needed to take care of old st. mary's. so i would urge you to adopt the legislation, but strike the provision requiring that any net pro seeds from the sale of t.d.r. from tfer lots, again, transfer lots of some 450, that that provision be strin. thank you. -- stricken. thank you. >> good afternoon, my name is charles coleman. up until two months ago, i was pastor of old st. mary's cathedral and got transferred from my religious commu
proposition. we are using the same model that got us into trouble and we have not learned anything. we are really making a mistake. if you look at my brief, the averages $1.2 million each year. the reason we are losing this kind of money is because we are paying $3.5 million for someone to push tickets. i worked at a golf course as a kid and i was one of those ticket counters. it did not take $3.5 million. we can still have the tournament if we have a competent staff that can run this and it should be put out for bid. there are managers that will pay less money. [tone] you should look at it, you cannot do it today but you have got to look at the contract, there are so many holes. supervisor avalos: thank you larry much. next speaker, please? >> my name is richard harris with the public alliance of 4500 member golfers. we have appear before you before. we have discussed public building matters with supervisors. we do support this contract. i have given you a letter dated september 16 stating our position. i am also giving you a letter from leedo, director of a golf club that supports th
some of this energy going to where there is no use at all for these illegal that have been pilaf of the markets. i cannot visit most of the senior centers because they are attached to these low-income buildings. it is the entire hypocrisy thing. i have not recently done the research, but last i heard government was doing a lot of support to tobacco but i think that much things went down with mr. helms. that would be nice, if you would go after the pesticides. i and many people cannot live in the low-income housing because of the fluorides. thank you. supervisor chiu: is there anyone else that would like to speak? >> good afternoon, my name is benjamin cozy. i wanted to say that as far as small businesses go, i would hope that we would watch out for them. seems like it is getting harder and harder for small, independent businesses to make ends meet in this city. i know that many of them might depend all of the sales that they can get from whatever they can get. i feel that pharmacies selling a lot of other things like fatty foods, chips, soda pop, that are also addictive and harmf
of this project. first of all, it's supportive -- not -- it's a passive recreational use on the embarcadero and i think everyone i know of who lives on the east side of the city wants more recreation on the embarcadero. it would have a calming effect. it's a sport where people of all ages can participate. it's not difficult to learn how to play bocce ball. you can be 4 years old or 90 years old. it would a -- have a calming effect on the area. we envision office tournaments, families playing together, neighbors playing together. visitors even playing together. currently just in herman plaza in the median strip located between the two embarcadero roadways are very busy and management has received complaints from farmers market patrons and building tenants about the noise of the skate boarders and the so-called music. i have encountered this first hand so -- i see my time is up but i would definitely support and my neighborhood network supports the bocce ball courts. thank you. >> -- supervisor maxwell: any further public comment on this item? seeing none, then public comment is closed. planning de
staff and don't meet the tour standards, then the pga can basically put us on notice you've reduced your staff and we don't think you're meeting the course maintenance standards and if we disagree, then in arbitration provision is is what resolves this. it gives them an opportunity to say look, if you're not going to meet the course standards, we're not interested in managing the golf course for free. and by the way, it also gives us the ability to make a policy decision. right now there has been a policy decision made by the city, by this board, by the mayor to -- to meet these maintenance standards so that we can have these first-class tournaments at harding. >> my concern is if we're reducing staff that's going to be what the standard is. and there's no other mention of what the standard is. the dollar amount and i guess it could be measured in staffing. and then that would be -- give tpc the ability to -- >> the tour -- we do have maintenance standards referenced in the agreement to the master tour agreement. it includes course maintenance standards. so what the provision is saying i
institute supervisor maxwell: welcome to land use. we will be joined by our other member and president of the board, david ichiu. lisa, thank you very much. i would like to thank the folks and live. madam clerk has some announcement. >> please be sure to turn off all cell phones and pagers. completed files should be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today should be submitted to the september 21 board of supervisors agenda. supervisor maxwell: first item, please. >> ordinance amending the san francisco health code by amending sections to eliminate grocery stores and big box the sale of tobacco products in pharmacies. supervisor maxwell: our director of health, are you here for this item? sorry, erik? supervisor chiu: i think that dr. katz will testify the san francisco has been a leader in limiting the harm of smoking to the public. in 2008 the tobacco free coalition and the department of public health passed a measure that limited the selling of tobacco products in a number of types of stores. this ordinance eliminates an exemption that was made a bad time for big
of which have hosted the u.s. open. when we opened or the newly renovated harding we all thought we had a gem of a public golf course on our hands but i don't think we expected it too become the international tax breaks while it is. while kemper, our current manager of the golf course has done an excellent job managing the facility the past seven years we've learned some lessons along the way with the help of the board's budget analyst and several community members about -- that have helped us shape the agreement before you today. we think that the agreement that you have before you is in many ways a significant improvement over the existing agreement. and we've tried to actually learn and benefit from the golf course that we have which is one of the reasons that we decided not to extend a contractual option to continue kemper but rather to put the course out for bid to see how much better we could do. and we think we've done a lot better. first and foremost in partnering with the tbc and pga golf courses we're hiferinge a manager that is synonymous with the name of golf. the added expo
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9